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I have recently had the attached article published in the 2nd edition of the new Holistic Science Journal. I wrote it some time ago when I became very interested in the biologist Alan Rayner's ideas and the development of his theory of 'Inclusionality'. I was also fascinated in Lere Shakunle's 'Transfigural Mathematics' that was helping to inform Alan's own work. They are both bodies of work that I think are highly important to help us better understand the world and our place within it. 

One of my article 'ponders':

Why is it, if I am solely part of a whole, that I experience myself as ‘I’? Why do I not 

experience myself much more like a Borg unit in Star Trek - organized as an inter-connected 

collective with a hive mind and operating towards one single-minded purpose – the pursuit of 

perfection? Is my sense that each one of us is unique in our experiences and sense of 

purpose just an illusion? Is there some unseen benefit to this illusion, or is this question itself 

an irrelevance? Modern science investigates the field of the known, but it does not touch at all 

the field of the knower and the spontaneous process of knowing. In inclusional thinking 

boundaries are not non-existent but are key to understanding dynamic relationship. 

Inclusional boundaries are primarily considered to be ‘dynamic interfacings’ – manifestations 

of information that both distinguish and allow communion between inner and outer regions of 

space. Like the God Janus, they face both ways – outlining inner and in-lining outer – whilst 

being, to varying degrees, both permeable and dynamic and nested over scales ranging from 

microcosmic to macrocosmic. Inclusionality allows us to both acknowledge our unique 

boundaries and to own that they only exist within a vast dynamic communion. By shifting 

consciousness I can move from the illusion of self as separate to self as dynamic movement 

in relation to other.  

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